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Security and Governance



At HBSUK security governance is the collection of practices related to supporting, defining, and directing the security efforts. We have a robust approach to securing patient information.

Security governance is closely related to and often intertwined with corporate and IT governance with a common goal of maintaining business processes while striving toward growth and resiliency.

HBSUK meets all NHS IT governance compliance, including certification to Cyber Essentials Plus & the NHS Digital - NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit. We are also tested at least once a year against malicious threats.


HBSUK governance framework is designed to ensure that we effectively manage and meet all statutory obligations whist maintaining a corporate integrity. The legal framework governing the use of personal confidential data in health care is complex and incorporates the legislation such as the following - The Health and Social Care Act 2012, The Data Protection Act, The Human Rights Act and the more recent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). HBSUK are fully cognisant and compliant to all relevant Care Quality Commission (CQC), ISO9001 and ISO27001 requirements.

Our Clinical Governance Board are representatives from external board of senior medical advisors who oversee the safety of clinical service delivery, ensuring clinical professionals are providing the highest level of safe care and advise us on on-going developments in clinical guidelines and processes.

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