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Why we designed the service


  1. Population increasing ​

  2. Less qualified medical professionals​

  3. Massive variation in treatment ​

  4. Long waiting times​

  5. Technology not fit for purpose​

  6. Traditional models not cost effective or efficient

  7. Post COVID NHS unable to cope with backlog of outpatient appointments 


  1. Engaging with experts in process flow re-design at the core of the delivery

  2. Offering different mediums of appointments to suit patient needs

  3. Using a specifically designed system to deliver integrated measurable care


Pathway Redesign

Using innovative pathway redesign, HBSUK have created unique ways of reducing waiting times for patients, delivering the best care and especially - the right care

Using a team of HBSUK experts in lean transformation methodology to re-design the service process flow from start to end, HBS has the best-in-class virtual triage system that is easy - yet secure -to use

Through the use of short, to-the-point questionnaires, patients can now receive accurate diagnosis' from their own home; receiving quality care treatment from our own teams of expert Orthopaedic Consultants; blending this with our ESP and Physio knowledge

Virtual Services

“Virtual Clinics allow patient’s with simple injuries or problems to be managed from the comfort and safety of their own home, so that people with more serious ones can see the correct specialist, at the correct time for something to be done.”


Full Service Digital Health Provider

Using a patient centric pathway design system, we can bring together all aspects of the virtual services, diagnosis' and referrals to create a full service digital health provider. This includes outcome monitoring post-expert consultation and agreement in order to track patient recovery process

The Virtual Lucy™ Solution

VL login (phone).png
VL phone - book appointment.png
VL phone - pre-assessment.png
VL phone - book an appointment.png
VL phone - specialist assessment.png

Right Person, Right Place, Right Time...

Virtual Lucy is our own innovative, full service digital health provider which compresses all of the services taken in the path from the patient issue, to the best possible outcome, all in the form of an application - compatible for desktop, IOS and Android

Using a brief series of questions, Virtual Lucy provides an easy-to-use MSK triage system which gives patients quick and successful diagnosis', referrals and expert assessments

Patients can also virtually book their own appointment slots in which they are given the options to choose the clinician they contact, as well as the appointment date and time. This is all done via the Virtual Lucy patient portal where patients can do all this from the comfort of their own home


One Platform, Multiple Services

Link to NHS e-Referral Service​


Digital Triage ​


Interoperable: EMIS / SystmOne​


Electronic appointment booking (text reminders)​


Cloud PACS / Ris systems​


Auto letter generation​


E-prescription ​

Peer: peer instant messaging ​


PROMs & Patient satisfaction + Analysis​


Rehab application ”Lucy”​


ICD-10 integration ​


Digitally supported self management​


Record / imaging sharing​


Auto DNA process flows​


200+ MSK patient education resources​

Patient Portal ​


Auto invoicing ​


Telephone / Video consultation​


KPI Dashboards ​


Task / notification system​


Additional services directory lookup​


Inbuilt smart training tool​

How We Are Different


  • Digital Triage ​

  • Validation against inclusion/exclusion criteria​

  • Red Flag escalation ​

  • Put patients into correct service automatically ​

  • Patient self referral + NHS e-Referral Service​

  • Automatically linked to an electronic booking system​

  • Automatic DNA process flows​


  • Virtual appointment options for patient (video & call)​

  • Clinician and team profiles visible to patients​

  • Performance tracking ​


  • Electronic patient booking system:​

  • Notification​

  • Re-scheduling​

  • Smart diary optimisation​

  • Task based FU appointment rules e.g. when images completed and reported etc.​

Patient Portal​

  • One central location for access to records, letters, images, rehabilitation plans, appointments, communication

VL login on PC.png
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