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About Virtual Lucy

Virtual Lucy™


Patient Centric

Virtual Lucy provides the glue to engage the whole healthcare system to work in conjunction as one.


Virtual Lucy puts patients at the centre, with every aspect having the aim to provide patients with the best possible care, in the best possible timeframes, using the best possible technology.


The Virtual Lucy platform revolves around patient care, with every aspect from the original E-triage, to the expert consultant diagnosis' and monitoring of outcomes post-consultation/recovery.


Integrated Virtual Pathway Redesign

Our team of clinical and technical experts will design a service-specific pathway to improve efficiency and deliver the best possible care.


Our pathways are always lean, innovative and



intergrated pathway re-design.png
Integrated VirtualPathway Redesign

Waiting List Validation

Virtual Lucy Clinical Validation can be done seamlessly via a phone or video consultation, with auto generated letters shared with the patient and the GP. We can Clinically Validate a Surgical waiting list in just a few weeks, making sure that the most appropriate patients get access to surgical intervention first using the standardised P1-6 FSSA Pandemic scoring tool.


Clinical validation process
patient dashboard.png
Waiting List Validation

Digital Triage

Patients are asked to complete a short series of questions to determine the correct specialist for their problem. This could be a physiotherapist, an Advance practice physiotherapist or a Consultant depending on the problem. 


patient triage questions.png
Digital Triage

Electronic Appointment Booking

Patients are then instantly directed to the online booking booking system and can choose from a range of available clinicians. Each clinician has a profile and a picture to help the patient make the right choice for them. Appointments can be via either video or phone.

clinician reschedule appointment.png
clinician clinician select.png


Before the consultation patients a prompted to complete some general health questions and

some problem specific questions. This allows the clinician to have a good understanding of the patient problem prior to the consultation. 

patient gen health questions.png
Electronic appt booking

Accelerated Specialist Assessment

Each patient has an assessment with the correct specialist. During the consultation the clinician they will agree a diagnosis and management plan or refer on for diagnostics or face to face consultation. All notes are recorded in real time and appointment letter is generated and shared with the patient instantly at the end of the appointment. 


appointment view.png
Accelearated Specialist Assessment

Diagnostics Referral & Review

If the patient requires further investigations, like an MRI scan they can be referred to a local centre instantly during the consultation. All scans are uploaded into our cloud based PACS system and can be shown to the patients via a secure sharing link so that the patient and clinician can both see and discuss the images during the consultation. 

Diagnostics Referral & Review


Our integrated rehab application contains various

evidence-based customisable rehab plans. 

Patients can view and track their exercises,

record important things like pain and chat to their therapist via instant messaging. 

Mob Rehab program 1.PNG
Mob Rehab program 3.PNG
Mob Rehab program 2.PNG

Patient Portal with Shared Notes

Each case shows as a timeline of events on the patients portal, so that patients know exactly what is happening next. They can access all the appointment documents, reports and images securely in one place.

patient timeline.png
Patint Portal with Shared Notes

Referral for Surgical Intervention

Integrated geo-mapping search engine for:

  • Diagnostic network

  • Onward surgical review

Appendix 1 new pictures.jpg
Accelerated specialist assesment.png
Referral for Surgical Intervention

Collection of PROMS and PREMS

Patients are given the opportunity to record their appointment satisfaction straight after the consultation.

If they report that they did not understand the plan or were not happy, they are offered a call back.

We also collect Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMS) for which we use the MSK-HQ so that patients can record their recovery over time. 

proms questions.png
satisfaction questions.png
Collection of PROMS & PREMS

Satisfaction Outcomes

A recent review of our patient understanding and satisfaction outcomes indicates the highly positive experience of our patients.

  • Friends and Family Test - average score of 8.7/10

  • Accelerated Clinical Assessment - average of 97% across the board for clinician and patient understanding

  • 100% of patient reported that they have a clear plan of what happens next

These results correlate to the quality of service our expert team of clinicians are delivering on a daily bases.

Patient satisfaction.png
Patient satisfaction 2.png
patient sats 2.png

The Patient Portal

Virtual Lucy's patient portal offers a unique and personal way to engage with expert clinicians, as well as learn about and successfully treat the health issues that patient's are experiencing.

Patients are central to Virtual Lucy; with our care expanding after treatment and recovery has finished. The Virtual Lucy patient portal allows patients to keep us up-to-date with their progress and if there are any other issues regarding previous treatments

Providing expert treatment and diagnosis outcomes to you within the comfort of your own home.

Asset 3.png
Working on a Project

I’ve done the telephone consultations that were sent over to me.  They all went very well and I think the patients found it to be a very positive experience, particularly in the current environment where face to face consultations are not available.

Clinician feedback


Excellent and thorough process.

Far easier than dealing with our localGP surgery

Patient feedback

I was relieved to at last speak to someone who understood my condition. I had been seeing a physio who was I believe making my condition worse by giving me advanced exercises. Gary has given mebasic stretches and simple exercises and the results have been very good. After a short time I was pain free and sleeping much better.’

Patient feedback

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