About Virtual Lucy

Why Virtual Lucy™?

Patient Centric

Virtual Lucy provides the glue to engage the whole healthcare system to work in conjunction as one.


Virtual Lucy puts patients at the centre, with every aspect having the aim to provide patients with the best possible care, in the best possible timeframes, using the best possible technology.


The Virtual Lucy platform revolves around patient care, with every aspect from the original E-triage, to the expert consultant diagnosis' and monitoring of outcomes post-consultation/recovery

The Patient Portal

Virtual Lucy's patient portal offers a unique and personal way to engage with expert clinicians, as well as learn about and successfully treat the health issues that patient's are experiencing

Patients can create their own personal profile -which tracks all their previous healthcare records whilst using Virtual Lucy - where they can go to in order to find their diagnosis', expert clinician assessments, referrals notifications and various other aspects. This allows patients to keep up-to-date with their progress through which ever stage in the process of their recovery they are in

Patients are originally presented with a few brief questions about their issues, which then allows Virtual Lucy to distinguish the required referral for the patient - whether it be physiotherapy, general rehab information or booking an appointment with a clinician, this can all be done via the patient portal in the comfort of your own home

The patient portal provides patients with the possibility to book their own appointments through browsing availability slots, as well as having the option to choose the clinician they speak with. Patients also have the option to reschedule appointments via the portal

During video/phone consultation calls, the patient can also aid the clinician in their diagnosis through providing a pain scale, ranging from 1 to 10, in which the clinician can use to propose the best possible referral for the patient

After the diagnosis and referral is complete, the clinician can then rapidly generate a letter for the patient that can be accessed via the patient portal at any time; removing the chance of forgetting or losing the required referral letter

Patients can use the patient portal in Virtual Lucy to voice their feedback. This can be done using the appointment feedback questions, which are asked post-appointment 

Patients can further utilise their Virtual Lucy patient portal through the notification system which notifies them as of when appointments are, any updates in their timeline, messages from clinicians and many other aspects

After the original pre-assessment questions, patients can have further, more specific questions, asked based on their previous answers. MSK-based questions are asked in order to give the clinician further detail into the issues the patient is having; meaning the patient receives the right diagnosis, right treatment and right outcome

Patients are central to Virtual Lucy; with our care expanding after treatment and recovery has finished. The Virtual Lucy patient portal allows patients to keep us up-to-date with their progress and if there are any other issues regarding previous treatments

Providing expert treatment and diagnosis outcomes provided to you within the comfort of your own home


- Professor Phil Drew,

Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon

I have worked with HBS on different contracts for some time and have always found their professionalism and efficiency reassuring.  Over many years in the sector they developed a deep understanding of the issues related to health care and has developed novel solutions to complex problems. 

The ability to control the limited available time we have is a particular attraction of this system and avoids the complexity of dealing with the multiple platforms on offer from different providers.  There is no doubt that this form of healthcare delivery represents a paradigm shift in the current model of healthcare delivery that takes advantage of the interconnected  nature of modern communications technology. Patients have found the advice provided and the ability to remotely arrange any required imaging with the possibility of clinical examination at a later date if required extremely reassuring and we have no doubt that a similar model will become the norm once the current crisis is over.





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